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We recently exhibited at The ABC Kids Expo and met a ton of amazing people. You'll now be able to find our products in a new city (Houston, TX!) and a new country (The Dominican Republic!).

In addition to all the selling and schmoozing we did, we found time to explore the other vendor booths and want to share some of our favorite finds.

1. Rachel's Remedy - Did you know there's a reusable hemorrhoid pad out there that is shaped perfectly for.... well... butts?! It comes with a disposable cover so you can either heat up or cool down the pad, put a disposable cover on, and put it against your nether-regions for comfort and relief. The same company makes the thinnest reusable breast pads we've ever seen that supposedly soak up more than any other options I've found on the market. The company, Rachel's Remedy, gave us a sample to try, so we'll get back to you with the results. But just based on the information they gave us - we're super impressed!

2. Bright Buddies - These "special gifts for special kids" are incredible and they're marketed just right (at least in our eyes). The company makes a variety of toys that are great for kids with sensory issues or sensory seeking behavior. While they fully support the needs of autistic children with their products, the toys are not limited to only those children on the spectrum. Instead, their weighted blankets are excellent for any child who would like a little extra comfort and their kid-safe essential oil blends can help bring focus to anyone. Our favorite product? The weighted plush toys that have a pocket for essential oils so you get the focusing effect of a weighted animal, plus the therapeutic effect of essential oils. What's even better is the price point is totally reasonable. Much love to this company!

3. Mrs. Patel's - If you're looking for a natural way to increase lactation, ease morning sickness, or prepare for an upcoming birth, you need to check out Mrs. Patel's teas, snacks and other goodies. These products would be a great compliment to our Body Atlas Socks and online exercises for a holistic, healthy pregnancy and birth.


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