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Doula Training Course: Reflexology in Pregnancy

The Relievery is increasing access to holistic knowledge with new Doula Training, Reflexology in Pregnancy. We're launching its first DONA approved continuing education course for Doulas. This online course will be provided through a series of videos and interactive digital content that allows doulas in any location to complete the course on their own schedule. Upon completion doulas will receive credit for 1.5 CEU credits.

“Our entire bodies are conveniently mapped on the bottoms of our feet,” says course facilitator Melinda Mickshaw who is educated as a Holistic Health Practitioner, “reflexology is an easy self-care tool, and healthcare always starts with self-care.”

Led by Mickshaw, the Reflexology in Pregnancy training will cover the basic philosophy of reflexology, specific points that are useful during pregnancy, and complementary exercises. By the end of the course, doulas will be able to identify points on the foot that can be used to target body systems that may be uncomfortable or imbalanced, which will allow them to educate clients on the use of reflexology throughout pregnancy. All content is evidence based, and recent studies showing the efficacy of specific points will be shared throughout the presentation.

In addition to the course itself, The Relievery will be offering a package that includes two additional videos on reflexology during birth and reflexology for babies, as well as a starter package of The Relievery’s products. Resell the sample products to earn back the entire cost of the course! Following the training, doulas will receive continued support, access to online videos and resources, as well as the ability to incorporate reflexology into existing client education sessions.

Reflexology in Pregnancy will be available starting TODAY. Sign up here to get $40 off the course price, and make back the entire fee with our Approved Reliever Starter Pack!


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