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Crystal Healing: Postpartum Depression

Did you know that 1 in 7 mothers are suffering from Postpartum Depression? It is hard work to be a mom, whether you are a new mother, or this is your sixth child, you could still be affected by postpartum depression. Here are some tips if you're a fan of holistic healing and/or crystal healing.

What is postpartum depression?

Postpartum depression comes following childbirth. It is caused by hormonal changes you face following your pregnancy and the adjustment to living life in a completely new way. If you have postpartum depression, you may be feelings a slew of symptoms including fatigue, hopelessness, being overwhelmed, despair, and even disconnection from your baby. This can be incredibly difficult, and painful to deal with. Some mothers even feel a sense of guilt, and feel ashamed for having postpartum depression. The first thing you should do if you believe you are one of the mothers suffering from PPD is seek care from a qualified medical professional. Crystal therapy is meant to complement the treatments your physician provides for you. It is in no way a treatment plan and although we hope to help provide resources and suggestions, we are not doctors and are not providing medical advice.

Can I feel relief naturally?

When faced with postpartum depression some mothers feel ashamed for looking for help, and even for those who don’t feel ashamed, you still may feel even more overwhelmed with the idea of getting help and treating your condition than you feel like it is worth. In the world of holistic therapies there are several different ways to deal with ailments you may have. One of my favorite treatments are essential oil therapy, and crystal therapy. We know it can be stressful to do the research when you are already feeling overwhelmed, so we did some of it for you.In our search we have found that the crystal Carnelian crystals and stones are great for balancing hormones which is vital when trying to relive your postpartum depression. Citrine is known for its bright energy which carries joy in vibrant yellow color. Black Tourmaline fights negativity. This is a personal favorite, I meditate with a black tormalite every evening and I sleep with it near my bed. Rose Quartz is a great crystal to use for you mamas who are feeling a sense of guilt for feeling this way because it brings a sense of contentment.

These are just a few of the many options out there to help holistically aid in relieving your postpartum depression. There are a abundant variety of crystals whose healing energies can be beneficial for those of you strong mothers who are suffering from this hidden illness. I am a solid believer that we will be attracted to the crystals that will help us the most. I suggest going to a local gem store and letting the crystals and their energies flow to you. I expect you will be pleasantly surprised when the ones that attract your attention and vibrate with you have the healing powers you were searching for.

If you are one of these women suffering, just know that there is help out there. You are not suffering alone, and there are so many resources and options for you. You will come out of this a stronger woman and mother. Things will get better. Stay humble and hopeful and accept the love and help you are given, you deserve it.

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