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Let's talk libido loss and natural ways to get it back

So here's a fun fact: it's fairly common to experience a loss of libido after pregnancy. According to one news outlet, "In a study with 50 women included in the book "Sexuality During and After Pregnancy," author E.L. Ryding found that 20 percent of postpartum women had little desire for sexual activity three months after delivery, and an additional 21 percent had complete loss of desire or even aversion to any kind of sexual activity."

So for those 41% of people struggling with a loss of sex drive, here are some tips that might be worth trying.

1. Rose Essential Oil: Rose oil is incredibly calming, can help reduce anxiety levels, and might help cover up the smell of spit-up that seems to be permanently caked into all of your shirts.

It's been known throughout holistic healing history as an aphrodisiac, showing up as early as Roman times when men would sprinkle rose petals on the bed of new brides.

However, rose oil is pricey. It takes two thousand pounds of rose petals to make a single pound of rose essential oil, which explains why a single 5mL bottle of undiluted rose essential oil is going to cost you upwards of $200. Instead, buy a small bottle of a blend including Rose Oil so you're only paying for the amount you actually need.

2. Exercise: Now we know that most new moms aren't out there running marathons. However, doing a few squats while holding baby, or walking up the stairs at a brisk pace instead of taking an elevator can still help boost endorphins (the hormones that make us feel good). Here are some of our favorite high intensity workouts that take 15 minutes or less through Fitness Blender:

From a less scientific perspective, being strong can be sexy, and feeling good about yourself may just reignite that fire.

3. Appear Sexy, Feel Sexy: We know it sounds cliche, but doing things to make you feel sexy, may encourage you to have sex. A new hairstyle and a red manicure isn't going to solve a serious hormonal imbalance, but if your lack of interest stems from fatigue, confidence issues, or overwork, a good makeover might be in store. We also recommend finding a set of lingerie that helps you feel good about yourself. If you have any areas that you're still not comfortable showing off, a bodysuit or creatively cut teddy could help cover those insecurities until you're ready to flaunt them. We particularly like female-run brand Thistle and Spire.

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