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Reflexology and Labor Induction - What you need to know

It’s been said by many reflexology practitioners (and websites!) that there are certain points on the foot that can help get labor started after 40 weeks after your doctor says it’s safe to try to induce labor.

So what’s the deal? What reflexology points are these?

First, it’s important to note that there are several different types of reflexology. Here at The Relievery, our education lies in Elemental Reflexology. There’s also Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Foot Zones, and more. While many of the points line up exactly (the basic principles are the same for all forms of reflexology), there are a few minor differences.

For example, Bladder Point 67 in TCM is believed to induce labor by many people who practice TCM, and this specific point does not exist in other forms of reflexology. This point is on the outside of your pinky toe. Find the base of your pinky toe nail and move outwards to find it. Google “reflexology to induce labor” and this will be the most common point to pop up. We don’t have any science to back it up, and this point is outside the scope of The Relievery’s experts, but we always suggest practicing extreme caution. So please avoid this point until you’re full term! Then, check with a practitioner. If you want to give it a try, there’s no reason not to do so with your doctor’s approval.

According to our knowledge set with Elemental Reflexology, we believe that you should avoid uterus, ovary, and fallopian tube points while pregnant. Again, better safe than sorry! Based on our knowledge, you would only want to stimulate these points when you’re trying to energize that entire region and bring balance to those areas-- something you’d want to avoid before being full term. If you’re curious where these points are, check out our Foot Map for Birth.

That being said, one of our favorite points is the endocrine system. For those of you who don’t know, the endocrine system regulates your hormones. Hormones are what jump starts the birth process! We’d suggest using this point only when you’re 40+ weeks and have your doctor’s OK.

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