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Fenugreek for Breastfeeding: What is it, and how does it work?

It's time to talk about holistic healing approaches to milk supply and breastfeeding!

We realize that breastfeeding is not as easy on all of you mamas. For some it may be easy, for some it might be draining, for some it might seem downright impossible... everyone’s body is different! And that is OK. So, worry not! There are many ideas and remedies out there to help you all with your breastfeeding, whatever your personal relationship with your body might be when it comes to that special bonding experience with your bundle of joy.

Fenugreek is one of them, is it for you?

What is fenugreek?

Fenugreek is an annual plant primarily grown in middle eastern countries, including although not limited to Pakistan, Egypt, Iran and India. India happens to be the largest producer of the plant. A few additional areas outside of the Middle East that produce a significant amount of Fenugreek, include countries such as Spain, France and even Argentina. In addition to their milk producing qualities, these amber colored seeds can also be used as a spice, or as an herb, (leaves, or dried). Fenugreek is a holistic healing remedy for several health-related ailments and discomforts. A few of the conditions fenugreek is said to aid are bronchitis, glucose levels, and milk induction for breastfeeding mothers.

How do I take Fenugreek?

In terms of breastfeeding, fenugreek is said to be most effective in encapsulated crushed seeds that you can buy at a health store. Additional ways to implement fenugreek in order to help increase your milk supply is by drinking Fenugreek Tea. You could also try eating whole Fenugreek seeds, which are found in a broad range of Indian dishes, so maybe you could learn some new recipes and cooking skills in the process of increasing your milk supply! That’s a win, win, in my book. Even though in the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine it has been known to be used as a treatment for morning sickness.

Please note that expectant mothers are not recommended to use fenugreek during pregnancy as it has been said by some to induce labor. So, if do find yourself in a situation where you are breastfeeding, yet your breastmilk is drying up and you are expecting again, you should avoid using Fenugreek, and seek other possible remedies. For example, reflexology!

What does Fenugreek do?

The use of Fenugreek supplements in breastfeeding women have prominently shown a significant increase in mother’s breastmilk supplies. In most cases, breastmilk supply increases significantly within 24-72 hours after taking the supplement (In whatever form you so choose; although the capsules have shown more positive results in the majority of the cases). With continued breast stimulations, most nursing mothers find themselves able to discontinue use of the Fenugreek once their supply has replenished.

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