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One of our new favorites = Doing It At Home

The Relievery Co-Founder, Melinda Mickshaw, was recently featured on the Doing It At Home podcast! We're so excited, not because we got to share information about us, but because we love this podcast and are honored to be a part of it. Doing It At Home started as a home birth podcast based on the hosts' experience during their own home birth. Here's some info that we stole from their About page:

During our research process, before we made our home birth decision, we struggled to find empowering, raw and honest resources on home birth. Everything was either up in the clouds or tainted with fear and judgement. So we created this podcast to bring authentic, conscious and loving conversations to the topic of home birth.

It's morphed into something much bigger than just a home birthing podcast by this point! Now they offer information on birth for all women. Their goal is to empower families to choose what's best for them and they do that by sharing home birth stories as well as information from professionals including RNs, app creators and mindfulness gurus.

We're huge fans and think you should be, too!

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