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New Modality Spotlight: What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity Therapy is a holistic healing modality founded on the belief that the energy flowing through our bodies/lives impacts our well being. By balancing that energy and creating an unencumbered, positive energy flow throughout our bodies, we're able to balance ourselves and possibly relieve common discomforts associated with blockages.

Does it sound like "hippy medicine" at first glance? Sure does! But here's the thing, Polarity Therapy is similar to yoga, massage, meditation and other holistic practices. Some practices call this life energy "chi", some call it "prana", some simply call it "energy". Pretty much everyone in the holistic world believes in some type of energy balancing. Without balance throughout our bodies and lives, we might feel uncomfortable, distracted, or just plain out of whack. How a person finds balance and releases those blockages is what typically defines one practice or modality as compared to another.

When looking at what is actually involved in Polarity Therapy, it's a very specific and intentional practice. It's a truly whole-body approach that involves extensive evaluation by a qualified professional. Everything from physical habits, to mental wellbeing, to diet are taken into consideration. Body work provided by a practitioner can include pressing, moving or stretching the body in ways to balance your different body regions or loosen up tight/blocked areas. Diet is taken into consideration (because, you know, "you are what you eat") and practitioners often review a clients' diet and suggest changes that will help keep you in tip top shape.

In terms of how we use Polarity Therapy at The Relievery, we include Polarity Yoga and Polarity Therapy stretches in our Digital Subscription site that are designed to open and balance your body. For example, deep squats may help balance the hips and digestive system. Moving your legs in a windshield wiper motion may help alleviate the feeling of "dancing legs" when you're trying to sleep. These stretches usually incorporate gentle, rocking motions to help keep that energy flowing throughout your body.

We believe in this practice and would love to hear your experiences with it! Let us know in the comments if you're a client or practitioner who has explored this modality. Both good and not-so-good - share it all!

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