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The Futzuki Mat - what you need to know

The Futzuki Reflexology Mat has been popping up on our Amazon accounts and on the sidebar of Google results for weeks. So we finally looked into it - what is this mat and is it helpful?

Here at The Relievery, we do not believe in directly competing with, or tearing down, other brands and products. However, we are believers in education and empowerment. Because of that, we think it's important to share what Reflexology is and how it applies to other products so you can make your informed decisions when it comes to new holistic healing modalities.

What is the Futzuki Mat and others like it?

These mats are often foot shaped maps with raised points that "stimulate" the nerve endings on the bottom of your feet. The raised points are usually evenly placed throughout the mat, following no real map or outline.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the idea that by stimulating specific nerve endings, or groups of nerve endings, on the bottoms of your feet. Each nerve ending connects to a nerve that corresponds to a specific body system/organ/etc. Stimulating those nerve endings in an intentional way, may bring balance or relief to the related body system. So, manipulate the part of your toes associated with your sinuses, and you may experience relief or balancing of your sinus cavities.

How do reflexology mats match up with Reflexology itself?

Reflexology is believed to be effective because of it's specificity. It's not the practice of general foot rubs - it's intentional stimulation of specific points on your feet. The Futzuki mat may feel good (and we're not denying that - try it out and let us know!), but unless it stimulates the specific points that relate to the particular discomforts your trying to reliever, it just won't cut it. That's not what Reflexology is.

Why The Relievery products are different (i.e. "Shameless plug for our own products").

Our recently renamed Body Atlas products are designed to show you the map of nerves on your feet and what body systems they are believed to correspond to. For example, our Pregnancy & Postpartum socks are a wearable map so you can have a partner intentionally stimulate the proper points in an intentional and directed foot massage. We also have a digital subscription with all of our available Foot Maps and complementary stretches. We believe is showing you the proper way to practice alternative modalities without the inconvenience of a big learning curve. We've made it easy!

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