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In the constant search for making our products and product descriptions even more user-friendly, we'd love your feedback. We'll send anyone a $5 off code if you give us critical feedback on the wording/marketing of our reflexology socks.

Here's the deal: Our products are incredibly easy to use! We know this because we've done extensive testing (and by that, we mean we've tried them out with every husband, partner and friend we know without giving the foot-rubber any explanation of what to do or how to do it outside of what's printed on the sock packaging) and we are as confident as a company can be that our products stand up to the ease-of-use test. However, we understand that a lot of people who are unfamiliar with reflexology are still having a hard time understanding what our socks do before getting a pair in their hands. We understand this. New concepts are tricky. That's not your fault, that's ours.

So we're looking to crowd source some marketing help. How do we fix the understanding gap? What is an easier what to say the following:

Is your partner pregnant and you're wondering how you can help make life more comfortable for her?

Are you pregnant and looking for a natural relief option for the myriad discomforts associated with this beautiful transition?

Are you looking for an incredible pregnancy or baby shower gift that will help make mama happy?

Our Pregnancy & Postpartum Relief socks are the answer. These socks have an easy-to-read foot map knitted onto the soles with directional arrows and clear color coding for each point. The foot map on the socks corresponds to a DIY booklet included in each package that lists each of the points shown on the socks as well as the body systems and related discomforts that may be relieved or balanced by stimulating the points. These socks require no previous reflexology or acupressure knowlege - just a willing partner and 15-30 minutes a day for a foot rub!

Each pair of socks comes with a coupon code that allows you to gain free access to our digital subscription product. Use the code to sign up and view related stretches, acupressure points and modalities that can help relax, relieve and balance a pregnant and/or postpartum body in the privacy of your own home.

How do you think we can explain "these socks have a foot map printed on them that will allow you to provide a reflexology session to your partner or pregnant friend. Reflexology is awesome because it can help balance and relieve a body!" without getting lost in long, boring descriptions! Be honest with us, you know better than we do what would resonate with people like you and the pregnant people you know.

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