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Feeling bloated? Try these natural steps to relieve the bloat!

We recently attended the #CLEbirthexpo and out of all the many lovely women who stopped by our table, the single most common complaint was bloating, swelling and water retention. The good news? You don't need to suffer and you can use the holistic healing steps below to get back to normal!

Try these natural remedies to help alleviate water weight:

1. Drink Water. I know it's counter intuitive to drink more water when your body is already holding too much fluid where it shouldn't, but trust us. When you're dehydrated, your body will store water as a safeguard in case you're entering a prolonged period of dehydration and might need emergency reserves. Keep yourself hydrated to prevent your body from stock piling fluids!

2. Elevate your feet for 20 minutes. Especially when pregnant, fluids tend to accumulate in your ankles and feet. Think about a soggy wet towel - when you hang it up to dry, all the fluid drains to the bottom so the ends are still wet even after the top has dried. The same thing happens to your body - all those excess fluids are being pulled towards your feet due to a lovely little thing called gravity. Help counteract that by elevating your feet on a footstool or recliner chair two or three times a day. If you're at a desk job, you can always slide a box, small file cabinet or large purse under your feet while sitting. If you're on your feet working all day, make sure to elevate those puppies during lunch breaks.

3. Exercise. Ok, we know (from experience) that you're probably not running marathons at 9 months pregnant. However, doing an extra lap around the parking lot before getting into your car or taking a stroll before bedtime can help get your circulation flowing and reduce swelling. We also have a lot of pregnancy safe stretches and polarity therapy exercises on the digital subscription side of our site.

4. Reflexology! If you have our Pregnancy and Postpartum Reflexology socks, use the pink "lymphatic system" point to help balance water weight. Combine multiple relief mechanisms and elevate your feet while your partner uses our socks to provide a reflexology session. Grab yourself a big glass of water while he's working on your feet and relax.

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