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Baby Reflexology Can Help Ease Pain Says Study

We stumbled across an amazing study today related to baby reflexology as a part of an infant holistic healing routine. A group of researchers got together and decided to test the ability of reflexology to manage pain in infants. They gathered up 60 babies and gave a randomized group of those babies a 20-30 minute reflexology session before getting vaccine shots. The other group of those babies had no reflexology given before the shots.

What happened?

Here's what the study says: "The FLACC pain score was observed to be statistically similar between groups. After reflexology was applied to infants in the reflexology group before vaccination, it was determined that the pain score was reduced to .50 ± 1.14. In the examination performed after vaccination, FLACC pain score was found to be 5.47 ± 2.11 in the reflexology group and 9.63 ± .85 in the control group. A statistically significant difference was observed between the mean FLACC pain scores of infants in the reflexology and control groups (p = .000). The infants in the reflexology group also had lower heart rates, higher oxygen saturation, and shorter crying periods than the infants in the control group (p <.001)."

What that means is that they found the infants who were given a reflexology session experienced less pain after the vaccination.

We here at The Relievery, believe in the ability of reflexology to help balance all sorts of responses in the body. That's why we came up with our Baby Reflexology socks. We believe everyone should have the knowledge to use reflexology with their little bundles of joy, even if they don't have time to research how it works. Check them out or preorder one of our Mama & Baby Reflexology packages today and get a free gift!

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