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Supplement Intelligently (Bulletproof Coffee and MCT oil inspired post)

One of the many side gigs Melinda Mickshaw, Co-Founder of The Relievery, has had includes being a barista. One day she started getting calls from customers saying something unusual... their styrofoam cups were disintegrating in their hands. Now, Melinda wasn't one to believe that the cups she'd always used were suddenly being consumed by the coffee inside, so she started to pay attention. What she noticed is that the customers complaining of faulty cups were adding Bulletproof Instamix (a mixture to add to coffee that contains MCT oils).

Turns out, this is a well known fact in the Bulletproof community if you do your reading. Here's why -- Many healthy oils (MCT oils, coconut oils, etc.) interact with polystyrene (the material used to make styrofoam cups and other types of dishware). Heat speeds up the process and will chew right through the cup leaving you with a lap full of coffee.

Now here's the dangerous part. A lot of you who are adding oils to your coffee are, we'd guess, fairly health conscious. We'd even venture to say you're the type of people who use glass containers more often than plastic because, you know, chemicals.

So here's the important thing about using polystyrene products with any oils. Depending on the amount of oils in your cup, the speed at which you're drinking and the heat of the coffee, you may end up with holes in your mug or you may end up finishing the entire cup without noticing that it's begun to disintegrate. In the second situation, you're potentially consuming all those dissolved chemicals from your once-sturdy cup.

That being said, we'd like to issue the same warning we do with our products and any other products on the market. Be educated! Be skeptical! Do your research! And don't put anything in your food or coffee until you make sure you're doing it the safest way possible. In this case, that means with a non-polystyrene cup or dish.

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