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The Basics of Reflexology (as we use it at The Relievery)

Reflexology is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. It is intended to help bring balance to specific parts of the body.

We’re creating this post to explain the principles behind reflexology, how and why it works and how a foot rub can help bring balance to the entire body when used as a part of your holistic healing routine. We firmly believe in educating our users through our products and supporting materials rather than just providing holistic items themselves.

So why the feet? Did you know that there are over two hundred thousand nerve endings on the bottom of your foot? That is the highest concentration of nerve endings present on the human body. Every single one of these nerve endings is connected to a specific organ, muscle and tissue in the body. When you stimulate these nerve endings in the bottom of the foot; it can help to release tensions and blockages which is one of the main principles behind Reflexology.

Thankfully, the body made it very convenient for us to help maintain balance throughout the entire system by mapping itself out on the bottom of the foot.

Just think of when you have had a foot rub versus a shoulder rub; when you get a shoulder rub- it may help to release tensions in the shoulder- when you get a foot rub, essentially the whole body is being affected.

In short - “Tend to the feet, tend to the body”. We live, breathe and believe this quote.

Where does it come from? The points used in elemental reflexology are based off ancient ayurvedic practices mixed with polarity therapy, which relates every system or organ in the body to an element. By stimulating certain points that correlate to organs, muscles, tissues, etc.- you may be helping to break up blockages in the system and restore balance.

The “small print”: Reflexology is not meant to diagnose, cure, or treat any medical condition. Your doctor should be consulted before any alternative modalities are used. Reflexologists are not necessarily medical doctors and should not be considered a replacement for medical treatment.

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