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For the Mommies: Fives Ways to Clear & Sparkle!

Below we'd like to share a guest post by Rita Abdallah, LISW-S, LCSW-C, ACSW. If you like the information she shares below on clearing energy, also check out her next webinar on April 27th for only $8.

Let me guess…

You don’t believe in clearing your energy. At least that’s what you tell yourself.

And does that even mean? Isn’t that mumbo jumbo reserved for Ghost Busters and Star Wars?

Our days are filled with exchanges of energy whether you are at the grocery store, home or office. At any given moment, you may see someone and “tune in” to his or her energy. In this instance, energy serves as your internal radar to determine if person is safe, approachable and even likeable.

Beyond our daily interactions, life is an energy library. As a human, you are a collection of thoughts, feelings and stories. Your “collections” are linked to people and memories. When your imagination brings up a person or experience, you immediately recall a specific energy related to that relationship or event. Sometimes the energy is happy and other times the energy is less than ideal.

When you think about life as a new mom, what kind of energy pops up from your personal library? Excitement? Stress? Hope? Joy?

Hang on; did I just say that starting out as a new parent could be joyful? Yes, I did; and isn’t that what parenting is about anyway…opening yourself to the amazing adventure of family life? Here are a five ways to help you feel light and bright during and after pregnancy:

1. Clear your energy with Sparkle. Sparkle, the Ultimate Clearing Spray is specifically designed to shed the dread and show the glow. The oil blend gently opens sticky and stagnant energy in people, places and pets. Within moments, Sparkle lets go of built-up negativity, refreshes the mind, clears old energies and eases stress and anxiety.

2. Release hormonal overload. Sometimes you may sense the air around you is dense or unsettling. Or you may experience an emotional setbacks because your emotions are all over the place. Usually this means there is an accumulation of unwanted energies seeking release. Try Sparkle and watch your mommy transformation unfold in pleasant ways!

3. Take care of yourself. Use this special time to get to know what helps you stay strong, rested and peaceful. For sure, your physical body could use more love, especially your feet. Have you thought about using a pair of yummy Relievery socks for support?

4. Open your creative channels during this magical season of your life. To change up your routine, join a MeetUp that teaches meditation or painting. Again, establishing personal outlets before the baby arrives will be your anchor to connecting yourself in the sea of diapers, laundry and no sleep.

5. Grab a bowl of joy. On small pieces or paper, write down a joyful moment and toss it into a bowl. When you need a boost, pull out your notes and lift your mood. This is a great way of staying committed to a life of joy on your terms.

May your world as a mom be filled with love and light. May you find hope and possibilities by clearing your energy. May this new energy foster more joy in your new life stage and beyond!

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