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Know your essential oils and where they come from

As we finish up our first essential oil blend, we've been spending a lot of time discussing essential oils, aromatherapy, and the quality around the office. Our Essential Oils specialist, Melinda, has been working tirelessly to source the highest quality products for our blends which turned out to be much more difficult than originally planned. Here's what we've been able to find so far:

Our single essential oils used in blends:

- Single oils are made from non-modified, non-GMO seeds.

- All of our single oils were grown on soil that has been cultivated "organic" for five or more years.

- No pesticides are used when growing essential oil plants.

- All of our oils exceed or meet the ISO and AFNOR certifications.

Our Sweet Almond Oil base:

- There are no additives or adulterants in this oil.

- We source our carrier oil directly from a provider in Spain where it is produced.

- The farms contributing to this oil practice organic farming.

- This oil is cold pressed to produce the purest product possible.

We at The Relievery understand that the descriptions above may seem less impressive than some of the other sales terms you've seen on other aromatherapy websites. However, we can guarantee that we're doing our best to provide the absolutely highest quality, most pure oil blends on the market. For those of you who are interested, here's why we aren't using any of those buzz words in this post:

-"Therapeutic Grade" is a marketing term. We agree, it sounds fancy and professional. However, there is no governing agency doling out Grades of oils and there are no standard industry qualifications related to quality. This term doesn't mean anything. Anyone can use it!

- Grade AAA, A, B, C, and D follow the same logic as above. These are also marketing terms and, surprise[!], no oil on the market has been labeled a "B", "C", or "D" grade oil, which should be enough to raise the alarm on the validity of these ratings.

- The FDA does not regulate most essential oils so any "ratings" or "approvals" you see could possibly be misleading. This is tricky, because the FDA does regulate drugs and products intended for medical use. Because oils often fall into the "cosmetic" realm, the FDA does not approve the majority of essential oils out there. This may be changing soon, but it's not happening yet.

Hopefully this post will give you a brief glimpse into the painstaking lengths we go to research and source the highest quality ingredients. If you have any questions or tips to add, feel free to comment on this post or message us.

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