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Aromatherapy for Libido

Sex drives - you either have one or you don't. ... That's how the saying goes, right?

We'll be discussing some tips for using essential oils and aroma therapy as part of a holistic healing approach to increasing libido.

As some of you might know, we're working on developing a line of aromatherapy blends for women (men, we'll get to you next!) and among the many ailments facing the women, specifically postpartum women, is a drop in libido. In fact, one of the women working for our company fought for nearly two years to get her groove after having her first baby.

So for those of you facing similar concerns (or just looking for a general boost in your sex drive!), here are some things to look for in an aromatherapy blend:

Ylang Ylang has been known to be used throughout time to combat erectile dysfunction and impotence. In a more general way, it's considered an energetic aphrodisiac that helps build the heat between partners and get everyone's engines revving.

Patchouli is often associated with massage oils and scented sprays used during tantric sex. It's widely spread in India and is commonly thought to lower inhibitions and boost sexual desire.

Rose has been a mainstay in modern romance for as long as we can remember. The flower itself brings to mind love and desire. In oil form, Rose oil can help calm and open people to stimulating and new experiences.

Ginger is one of my favorites. It helps create a warm, spicy environment and has even been said to increase the duration of lovemaking!

Until we have the perfect blend, we strongly suggest you check out The Venus in Aquarius love blend.

* Never use an aromatherapy blend while pregnant or nursing without checking with your doctor or healthcare practitioner. *

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