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Cord Cutting: A new perspective on an intuitive, holistic practice

This story is written by one of our Founders, Nikki Yeager:

Although I regularly immerse myself in proven holistic practices (acupressure, aromatherapy, a focus on clean eating and nutrition), I tend to avoid the traditionally "spiritual" or "intuitive" modalities. While I don't doubt they work for some people, I've never considered those modalities working for me.

Recently I encountered an Intuitive Healer/Coach who does singing bowl treatments, reiki, and more. As part of my ongoing mission to open myself to all new experiences, I gave it a try. She asked me to stand in front of her while she "read my energy". After discussing a bit about my background and what issues I've been tackling, she directed me to a massage bed where she performed a cord cutting.

For those of you who don't know what cord cutting is, it's a ritual in which the practitioner asks the patient to visualize the connection they have to another person, event or entity and then imagine the physical cutting of that "cord". The cord could be an attachment or the connection of an experience with that person. It doesn't necessarily represent the entire relationship, just an aspect of it. She directed me to imagine the cord between me and my significant other as if it were a literal cord, then to imagine the utensil I'd use to cut it. She counted down from three and then directed me to slice it. Afterwards we quietly focused on filling the empty space with love and joy.

I had little to no belief that cord cutting would make a difference in my life, but I found the experience interesting and thoroughly enjoyed learning more about a practice I'd never come across.

That night when I went to bed, I realized (and was surprised by!) the fact I hadn't felt an ounce of anger towards my significant other the entire day. We'd connected in a way we hadn't in a while. The next day -- same thing.

So I brought this up to a Therapist I see occasionally who is wonderfully accepting of alternative medicine. I explained that I didn't necessarily believe in the process, but I undeniably felt better. I couldn't explain it.

Turns out, she could.

The combination of countdowns, calming words, meditation and sound therapy (singing bowls, which we used during the cord cutting), are all, apparently, very similar to self hypnosis. I basically hypnotized myself in a way that most Western Mental Health Professionals recognize. When I asked if the positive feelings would remain she answered this way: "With self hypnosis, no. If you were to do hypnotherapy, and replace those negative feelings with something positive, then yes."

All I could do was laugh because that's exactly what the woman who performed the cord cutting suggested. To replace the emptiness with love and joy. To fill that space where the cord had recently been with something positive.

The whole thing reminded me to remain open to time-practiced therapies. While some of them are still considered "woo woo nonsense", they actually mirror western medicine in so many ways if you look for answers and work with professionals who believe in the marriage of both. I'd love to hear everyone else's experiences with practices like cord cuttings. Has anyone else discovered parellels between intuitive sessions and western medicine practices?

Practitioner Referrals:

If anyone would like to work with the wonderful Intuitive Leader/Coach I met, please contact Rita Abdallah LISW-S in Cleveland, OH. She does some sessions remotely.

For an excellent therapist who understands alternative therapies and the mind/body connection, contact Lauren Morgan LPC.

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