"The information and instruction included with this product is very accurate and designed in an easy-to-understand format.  Working with the Reflexology points to help relieve discomforts associated with pregnancy will be a wonderful benefit to women everywhere.  I highly recommend this product!"

Lucy A. Mills, B.S., BCPP, HHP

Director, Global Academy for Energetic Education

These socks are a brilliant resource for pregnant & postpartum women to easily receive some much-needed relief! I will definitely recommend them to my clients and friends.

Stacey Pickering

Holistic Wellness Practitioner

Based on my education in Polarity Therapy and basic knowledge of reflexology, my assessment of these socks is: "Hell Yes!" These are on target with the accuracy of the points and have a simple, detailed description of how to manipulate each point that will make them accessible to customers who have no previous experience with holistic practices. 

Andreea Burden 

Polarity Therapy Professional

I designed these socks using Elemental Reflexology and Polarity Therapy principles. We've removed all the points that have counter-indications for pregnant, postpartum or nursing women so people who have no experience with Reflexology don't need to be afraid to get their hands on their partners' feet. 

Melinda Mickshaw

Holistic Health Advisor

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Peer Reviews

We believe in providing evidence based, peer review products that follow well known principles of Polarity Therapy, Reflexology and Acupressure. Because of that, we request peer reviews of all new products. To see what the professionals say, check out the reviews below. 

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